2017 Jan 06     
2 Bit Thugs

Two originals and two remixes make up the latest offering from Warung Recordings

A great two-track release here from Brazilian duo Fancy Inc, with two remixes of the title track, and all four tracks seething with energy and good times. The label itself is run by one of Brazil's top nightclubs, which has no doubt been a testing ground for these tracks.

First up is the original mix of All About Love itself, which has a funky tech feel with an organic funk bassline, cut-up male/female vocals, snare rolls and spacey pads that give it great atmosphere. The second track is Run To My House, which has a percussive intro, another powerful funky bassline and a male vocal repeating the title. Both are very good, and either would be worthy of a release on its own.

The first remix of All About Love comes from A Lister, who keeps up the pressure with a funky backbeat, synth stabs, whistle samples and odd percussive instrumentation. Then finally you get the Rich Wakley remix, which is just a little less intense, but still overflowing with funk like the other three and still a crowd- mover. It has a more techy feel with synth stabs, a swung drum pattern, the vocal samples cut-up even more and a more muted bass sound, but still sounds very impressive when played loud.

Picking a favourite is not an easy task here, as all four cuts are shining examples of well-crafted invigorating house music. My advice is to check them out for yourself - this is a release that's not to be missed!

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 18 January



Review Score: 9




Tags: Warung Recordings, Fancy Inc, A Lister, Rick Wakley, tech house, tech-house, Brazil