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First Boiler Room Weekender shut down

Pennsylvania police close event down after a single arrest

2016 Nov 07     
2 Bit Thugs

Exact details of what happened remain sketchy but many attendees have tweeted about heavy-handed policing at the event

The first Boiler Room Weekender, staged in association with Ray-Ban, took place at the Split Rock Resort in Lake Harmony, Pennsylvania this weekend, but was shut down by police before it could finish.

According to Thump, the two-day event, attended by around 3,000 people, was into its second day when a young black woman was arrested, apparently for drug possession. The woman was seen by witnesses to be in some distress, but when friends and bystanders protested, the police reportedly used pepper spray, and then closed down the festival entirely.

Several people also posted on Twitter about alleged rough handling of black attendees at the festival by security and police officers. Brooklyn producer Shyboi, who was appearing at the event, posted: "Cops shut down the festival and arrested a black woman then proceeded to attack people for filming them".

A Boiler Room spokesperson said: "We don't have the exact details of what transpired, but for the safety of all our artists and guests we had to shut down."

No further information has yet been forthcoming.





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