2018 Jan 18     
2 Bit Thugs

Max Chapman provides the obligatory remix of this tech-house bullet

Milanese house music maestro Flashmob returns to his own Flashmob Records label with a stunning new release that comes complete with a remix from Max Chapman.

Drop The Bass starts with a swung percussion loop which is joined by a booming kickdrum, a clanging sound and outlandish vocal samples of a man and a woman speaking. These samples are then cut up and interspersed throughout the track, which has mad percussion and another male spoken vocal line about "dropping the bass" - which Flashmob does with finesse. There is a breakdown later on and this track really rocks.

Next up is the Max Chapman Remix, which starts with a different percussion loop, then adds an extra-funky bassline and unconventional percussion hits, and uses the sampled dialogue as the main hook. The backbeat is solid and Chapman deftly cuts and pastes portions of the vocal track with various FX applied, which works really well and makes this a real floor-friendly behemoth of a tune.

In fact, both mixes come in XL only and are fast-paced, fun and idiosyncratic. As for the old 'pick a favourite' conundrum, I'll leave that one up to you as both mixes are superb and will sound sublime when cranked up to full blast. If this is an example of what Flashmob Records have in store for 2018, we're in for a thrilling year.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 19 January



Review Score: 9




Tags: Flashmob, Flashmob Records, Max Chapman, tech house, tech-house