2020 Nov 01     
2 Bit Thugs

Motor City man Francois Dillinger comes to UK label Rejekts

Ian Taylor's Rejekts label bring us a two-track, four-mix EP from rising Detroit techno/electro producer Francois Dillinger.

It's the title track Infinite itself that works best for yours truly: ain't nothing going on here but a chunky and pleasingly unhurried deep tech groove that centres around a heavyweight synth bassline, which it tops with mournful brass-like synth tones and snatches of chopped-up male vocal saying "what is this?" or something similar. A Saturday night podium filler it isn't, but if you're looking for quality deep, hypnotic 5am grooves then look no further.

Gotta say the remixes aren't floating my boat quite so much: Romanian minimalist Dragosh has opted for that doubled-beat trick that's bafflingly popular of late but just sounds like a crashed mix to these ears (which is a shame, because otherwise it's a darker, spacier pass with much to recommend it), while Marc Ashken's rub is one for the electro lovers. But then it's back over to Dillinger himself for bonus closer Shameless, s soundscape-y affair which will suit those whose tastes lie towards the prog-tech end of the spectrum.

It's all about the A for me here, then, but you certainly can't fault the variety on offer.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 30 October



Review Score: 7




Tags: Francois Dillinger, Rejekts, Dragosh, Marc Ashken