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Free drum machine, anyone?

Vintage Drum Elements gets an upgrade

2016 Jan 01     
2 Bit Thugs

The free plug-in reaches V1.1 with a new GUI and an expanded sound palette

Sample Science's Vintage Drum Elements is a VST/AU drum machine plug-in that emulates the sound of the Yamaha RX5, an 80s beat machine which - in its original hardware form - has graced recordings by everyone from Depeche Mode and Pet Shop Boys to Masters At Work and Chromeo. The plug-in's recently had an upgrade that's given it a new user interface and an added drum kit, but the price remains the same - that is, the princely sum of zero pence/cents.

Post-upgrade, Vintage Drum Elements now gives you five drum kits: two RX5 kits, plus the Synthetic Kit and Ethnic Kit and the newly added Yamaha RX21. You also get a full FX kit, plus four instruments: DX Bass, DX Clavecin, DX Marimba and DX Orchestra.

Vintage Drum Elements works as a VST/AU plug-in on both Macs and PCs, and supports both 32- and 64-bit processing. And while it's not the most fully-specced drum machine on the market, we're sure you'll agree that at the price, it's gotta be worth a look!

You can grab your free download from the Sample Science website.





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