2017 May 20     
2 Bit Thugs

Fellow German house producer Superlover is on hand to take care of remix duties

The Indiana Tones label returns with a fresh and very funky new single from German producer Freiboitar, which comes with the bonus of a fine remix from Superlover. Both delve deep into the funk archives for influence which is fine by me, being a lover of all things funky.

The Original Mix is a mid-paced groover with a killer funky bassline, cowbells, retro synth licks and a simple but effective chanted vocal loop. Like most funk jams, its simplicity is its key to full dancefloors and happy listeners, as it has that ever so sleazy feel to it. The second track is the Superlover Remix which is a 4/4 version and speeds things up a little, but keeps the funk alive with the same chanted vox, lots of filtering, the pop of the funky bassline plus the old school synth sound in full flow. It is the more accessible of the two rubs due to the 4/4 drum pattern, and I suspect it will be around throughout the summer months - this is proper feel-good party music that favours sunny climes and late-night functions.

I don’t have a favourite as both totally satisfy in the funk stakes. I look forward to giving this a damn good hammering myself over the next few months and onwards, because this is funky house done right!

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 5 June



Review Score: 9




Tags: Freibotar, Indiana Tones, Superlover, funky house, disco house