2020 Sep 27     
2 Bit Thugs

Label boss Funkatomic and NYC's Don Welch join forces on this classic-style podium belter

What we have here is effectively a single-track release from Italian label WU Records… "effectively" because there are actually two mixes, but one's just a Radio Edit of the other. Luckily, one is all you're gonna need anyway, because if it's trad-style vocal bizniss you're after, Treat Me Right is the bomb!

Treat Me Right opens with tuff, crunchy 4/4s, before introducing a big fat squelchy bassline which nods towards the tech-house sound that's dominated dancefloors for the past decade or so. But it's the only element that does: next on the scene are horn fanfares, soaring strings, and eventually the full-lunged diva vocal from Octavia Lambertis, all of which place Treat Me Right firmly in the same tradition as other latterday vocal anthems like Lovin' You More (That Big Track) and Lola's Theme, and back through the 90s handbag daze all the way to originators like Inner City.

Of course, not everyone is after trad-style vocal/soulful house bizniss, and if you're not, this won't be for you. But for all the unashamed disco dollies out there - you need this record in your life.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 21 September



Review Score: 8




Tags: Funkatomic, WU Records, Don Welch, Octavia Lambertis, vocal house, soulful house