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Funktion-One unveils new mixer

New team-up with Formula Sound gives birth to FF6.2L mixer

2016 Apr 10     
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The six-channel mixer is available now, if you've got a spare £3,350 kicking around...

Established in 1992, British manufacturer Funktion-One is a world leader in PA and loudspeaker technology, its soundsystems appearing everywhere from the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury to world-class clubs like Berghain and Space Ibiza. So Funktion-One hooking up with Formula Sound to produce a mixing console is news that'll have DJs sitting up and taking notice.

Unveiled at Musikmesse in Frankfurt this week, the first fruit of the two manufacturers' union is the FF6.2 L, a six-channel mixer with channels 1 and 2 switchable between mic and stereo line inputs, and channels 3-6 switchable between phono and stereo line inputs. Each channel has its own four-band EQ and high- and low-pass filters, while other features include a dedicated console mic input, two Aux sends, an extra stereo direct insert on 1/4-inch jacks at the output stage, full cue control, 12-LED monitoring per channel and 3.5mm and 6mm headphone sockets.

Given the manufacturers' pedigree, top sound and build quality pretty much go without saying here. The only stumbling block is likely to be the price: the FF6.2L will retail for somewhere in the region of €4,000 (£3,350), so you'd best get saving! A full UK launch will come very soon, but the mixer already appears to be on sale via German retailer Thomann.

For more info, see the Funktion One website





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