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GEM Festival is going ahead!

Greek festival takes place on 7-9 August

2020 Jun 10     
2 Bit Thugs

Paul Van Dyk and ATB are among the star attractions

Yes, you read that right… for the first time in several months, we're able to bring you a festival news story that doesn't include the words "virtual", "cancelled" or "postponed". Well, it does now, obviously, but you know what we mean…

GEM Festival is the event in question, and it takes place on the Greek island of Zakynthos on 7-9 August. With Greece reopening to foreign tourists from 15 June onwards, the organisers have announced that the event will be going ahead as planned, with four stages and the option of either camping on-site or staying off-site in local hotels.

The A-Z line-up for the festival (so far) is as follows: Andrea Ferlin, Andrianos Papadeas, Anna Maria Harokopou, Anushka, ATB, Chevy Cobert (live), CJ Jeff, Dasha Zet, Demi Case, dOP (live), Efim Kerbut, E Forever E Xpanding : Heartshap The Artist + Siena Star + Qado, Francesco Assenza, Freespirit, Gabrielo, George Seragos, George Guren, G Pal, Hubble, K.Atou, Lamine, Liva K, Marikhi, Mohammadrreza Safari, MS Leuki, Onur Ozer, Paul Van Dyk, Rompasso, Romeo Blanco, Roussos, Sunset Derek, Swankey Tunes, Thodoris Triantafillou, Tolis Q, Whoann, Zoya

Tickets are available now, starting at €75. For full details, see the festival's own website.





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