2018 Apr 24     
2 Bit Thugs

German Brigante drops a stone cold killer on his own label

Spain's German Brigante has numerous releases on esteemed labels such as Diynamic, Dirtybird and Get Physical under his belt, but he's saved this Indo-flavoured tech-house gem for his own fledgling Manitox imprint, with this being only the label's fourth release.

There's just the one mix on offer, but that's all you're gonna need because Indira Gandhi is an absolute belter. It opens with the unlikely pairing of a sweeping, sci-fi-esque synth drone and a haunting female vocal in, at a guess, Hindi - I don't think it's actually the former Indian prime minister, but I guess it could be - thus announcing itself to the floor in impressively dramatic style. It's nearly a full minute before the synth drone shifts up in pitch and the bubbling backbeat is introduced, its complex rhythm complementing the subcontinental vocal perfectly. Just before the halfway point some proper rave-y synths join the party, ushering us into and then leading us out of the beatless (and thankfully not over-long) breakdown in the middle. An extended snare roll then brings things to one final climax before the track starts to gradually wind down.

That's a lot of words, though, to describe something that could also be neatly summed up as "an absolute BEAST of a tune". When it comes to peaktime drama, you'll be hard pushed to do better this week.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 23 April



Review Score: 9




Tags: Manitox, German Brigante, Indira Gandhi, tech house, tech-house