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Get your track mastered by an android!

Oh no wait, that's "master your track IN Android". Silly us.

2016 Apr 19     
2 Bit Thugs

MasteringBOX launches first mastering app for Android devices

Online mastering service MasteringBOX has just announced the first-ever mastering app for Android devices.

Many iDJ readers will, we're sure, be familiar with MasteringBOX already. For those that aren't, it's (in their words) "an online mastering application with a smart artificial intelligence that can detect the dynamic and spectral characteristics of the track being mastered and apply appropriate adjustments". The service launched online in May 2015 and has recently had a significant update, with new features including the ability to create and edit ID3 tags within the app, and to export your finished files in a choice of formats (WAV, 320kbps MP3 and 123kbps M4A).

And now, users who are signed up for the service - which costs 7 Euros a month for the Pro service, or 14 Euros a month for the Unlimited service - can access all of MasteringBOX's features through an Android app. As you've probably already guessed from the headline. All we can really add at this stage is that the app's free, and available on Google Play now. We'll reserve judgement on the app till we've had a play with it, but for now, congratulations to MasteringBOX for being first in the game...






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