2020 Apr 21     
2 Bit Thugs

Johannesburg producer Glenn Hobbs comes to the Spanish deep house label

A treat here for those that like their house ultra-deep, as Jo'burg native Glenn Hobbs shows us exactly how he acquired the soubriquet 'the Space Guru' (that's what GHTSG stands for, y'see) on a two-track excursion for Spain's Deep Clicks.

Flashback itself opens with a simple muted 4/4 kick and hi-hat, before introducing the single, sonorous keyboard note that "chimes" away throughout. A warm, understated bassline is then added, after which the track chugs along nicely until some disembodied and unintelligible vocal sounds usher in the breakdown, wherein some top-end keys tinkle away. Then there's a little flourish on the drums before we continue much as before, except that the single note has now become a chord and the percussion becomes a little more intricate. The accompanying Mutants operates in very similar territory, the key difference being that it's a bass riff, rather than a keyboard note, that provides the main musical backbone.

If it's high-octane peaktime/big room thrills you're after, the Flashback EP isn't the record you're looking for. But if you like house music that's horizontally inclined and conducive to (ahem) herbally-based leisure activities, you're likely to love it just as much as I do.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 17 April




Review Score: 9




Tags: GHTSG, Glenn Hobbs, deep house, Deep Clicks, South African house, Johannesburg