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Gibraltar DJ stands now available

Range comprises four custom DJ 'workstations' starting at £225

2016 Sep 03     
2 Bit Thugs

Say goodbye to rickety old trestle tables with these purpose-built stands

Back in April we told you that Gibraltar Hardware, a company known for making drum stands, was launching four 'workstations' designed specifically to hold DJ equipment. And now, they're finally available to buy.

The entry-level model is the Radius GRSDJ1, which stands 36 inches tall on curved legs and features a 30-inch crossbar onto which are attached two sets of adjustable mounting arms for your controller, decks, mixer or laptop. For bigger setups, the Radius GRSDJ4 is of similar design but stands 38 inches tall and has a 40-inch crossbar. The Foundation GPRD2 [pictured], meanwhile, is a more rectangular design built to take gear that's already been coffin-cased, and stands 34 inches tall by 30 inches wide, while finally the similarly styled but larger Elevate GRSDJ3 measures 68 inches across.

A range of optional accessories is also available. Compatible with all of Gibraltar's workstations, these include rugged carrying bags, an adjustable laptop holder, accessory table, boom-arm microphone attachment and drinks holder, as well as clip-on front panels in white or black to hide all your cables, that can also be backlit.

Brent Barnett, brand manager for Gibraltar Hardware, said: "From live bands touring with DJs to clubs, festivals and private functions, DJs are forced set up their gear on tables and other unsuitable surfaces that can be unstable, inappropriate height and generally unappealing. Gibraltar DJ racks are portable, compact sturdy and add a sleek modern aesthetic that adjust to any setup, and to any performance situation.”

Prices start at $300 (£225 approx) for the Radius GRSDJ1. For full details of the range, see





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