2009 Oct 01     

Brecon Valley, Wales. 21st to 23rd August 2009

What’s this; a folk festival in your favourite dance music magazine? Don’t worry iDJ hasn’t grown a silly beard and started wearing socks with sandals there’s more to Green Man than the high-pitched tones of violins and piccolos.Hidden between Bon Iver’s ethereal vocals and the sweet lyrics of Camera Obscura were some class acts worthy of Glastonbury’s dance village or crusty rave Mecca Glade.

Mixing indie classics from the Super Furries and Radiohead with fractured neo-jazz beats Four Tet stole the show and paved the way for Friday night’s main event: Animal Collective. Etching a multi-colored sonic light-show onto our eyelids the psychedelic weirdness of the New York three captured the essence of this experimental festival. As the massive nightly bonfire sprayed burning embers into the air the Idjut Boys and Bill Brewster played us into Saturday morning. And that was just day one…

With Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve playing through the second night the sunny days were spent soaking up such harmonious delights as ex- Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci Richard James’ serenading sounds and the melancholic noise of Dirty Three’s dramatic violin wielding front-man Warren Ellis. Don’t dismiss it out – if you appreciate talent there is plenty of musical flair to entertain while you’re waiting for the evenings’ delightful DJ treats.





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