2016 Sep 04     
2 Bit Thugs

Single is brought to you by Stanny Abram's Marba Records label

If you're in the market for some tech-house stompery this week then don't miss this latest from Marba Records - it's got dancefloor energy in spades.

There are two rubs on What I Want to choose from. The original mix has jaunty, lolloping beats and a rolling, rumbling bassline that sit below a single, repeating chord and distorted spoken vox, while a cheeky little ascending synth riff adds energy and will ensure maximum shape-throwing on the floor. Label boss Stanny Abram then supplies a darker, more driving refix for the tougher floors, while completing the EP is In Your Face, a more straight-up house-y affair with some luvverly Rhodes chords and a spoken male vocal about going out dancin'.

All good, but to these ears it's the original mix that's the killer.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 29 August


Review Score: 8




Tags: Groove Salvation, Double B, Stanny Abram, Marba Records, tech-house, tech house