2016 Feb 20     
2 Bit Thugs

A big release for Kompakt, 'Adaptation' should gain Hunter/Game a whole raft of new fans

The Italian duo of Emmanuele Nicosia and Martino Bertola, AKA Hunter/Game, have evolved their sound into a uniquely expressive, yet subtly arranged variant of techno. Music that confidently takes centre stage, but never puts the sonic means before the aesthetic end.

Honing a satisfying punch and mesmerizing melodies, the two producers based out of Milan and New York have already turned in two installments for Kompakt’s Speicher series of boutique 12-inch releases, so it’s no wonder that the labal is now home to their debut album. But having come across them in 2012 via Hot Creations, I've been smitten for a while.

Their dramatic sound hits the spot for me, and personally I’m chuffed this album has finally arrived. Whether you’re into techno or not is of no importance: if you dig electronica of any persuasion, there’s no doubt you’ll enjoy this release. Without wishing to over-simplify things, it's an album for lovers of the dancefloor, the disco and late night chugging grooves. Hunter/Game have a knack for finding the missing links between sounds, switching from foreboding melancholy to glorious serenity in a heartbeat, while keeping the arrangements clearly outlined and impactful.

This is a big release for Kompakt, and there's no doubt in my mind that a growing audience awaits Hunter/Game.

Release date: Out now


Words: Pathaan


Review Score: 8




Tags: Hunter/Game, techno, Kompakt