2016 May 09     
2 Bit Thugs

Predictability is often the key to good dance music…

Fans of the harder side of trance will not be disappointed when they savour this release's aural delights: it's a real "take no prisoners" track. There's just the one mix, in a hard, uplifting trance style - but I assure you that one is all you'll need.

New Beginning starts with a pounding kickdrum and a rubbery bass sound, and before long it's developed into a full-on monster with risers, bleeps, swirling sounds, a catchy topline played on a synth and a secondary riff to really pad the sound out. The breakdown is awash with analogue goodness, a bleep pattern and plenty of snare rolls that build the tension nicely until it all comes crashing in again with a new phatter lead line and all of the elements that you expect from an uplifting trancer.

It's strange, but for some reason being able to guess what happens next is an aspect of trance that's actually highly satisfying, and this release is a case in point. Sure, you know there are going to be snare rolls and big synths, but that just makes you want them to kick in at the right moment. This track does exactly what you want it to as it takes you on its merry dance!

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: Out now


Review Score: 8




Tags: trance, Hurrell & Haas, Pandemic Digital, hard dance, Micky Weir, Johnny Hurrell