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IK introduces Lurssen Mastering Console

Software is available for iOS, Mac and PC

2016 Jun 13     
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The package emulates the hardware found in Lurssen Mastering's real-world suite in California

IK Multimedia has long been a leading player in the world of mobile recording, with devices such as the iRig guitar interface and iRig Mic. Now, it's moving further down the signal chain with the launch of Lurssen Mastering Console.

This suite of mastering tools has been developed in association with Lurssen Mastering Inc in California, and is available in two flavours. The iOS edition for iPhone/iPad is free to download, but several key components only become available as in-app purchases, such as the Play/Process bolt-on (enabling 48kHz processing and AAC export, £49.99/€49.99) and the HD Engine if you want to process hi-resolution audio files (£99.99/€99.99). The PC or Mac versions, meanwhile, will set you back $239.99/€239.99, but you get all the features from the off. The desktop versions can run either as standalone software or as VST/AAX plugins for your DAW.

Whichever option you choose, Lurssen Mastering Console features tube and solid-state equalisers, limiters, de-essers and solid state compressors that emulate those found at the Lurssen studio, and Lurssen says its "whole chain philosophy" means that these have been modelled in such a way that the software "recreates the interactions between the individual processors in its chain, down to the actual gear hookup schematics".

To get you started, the software also features 25 'Styles' - essentially, mastering presets for particular genres such as rock, pop, hip-hop or country. 

For more information, see the IK Multimedia product page.





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