2021 Jul 15     
2 Bit Thugs

The former Prince protege records her own take on a song she co-wrote for Madonna, Tomasz Guiddio and Charles Webster remix

When this dropped into my inbox, I was both intrigued and apprehensive. I enjoyed Madonna’s version as a teenager, especially the ever-present beat and the use of strings to compliment the breathy vocal. Later, I learned that said beat was lifted directly from Security Of The First World by Public Enemy. What we have here, though, are three completely new interpretations, featuring Ingrid’s recreation of the vocal she wrote for Madonna all those years ago. 

The EP kicks off with a mix from Tomasz Guiddo, who as well running the Fine Coincidence imprint is a firm favourite with the likes of Get Physical, Beats In Space and Compost. He brings us a really nice downtempo/Balearic workout based around the vocals and the strings, and made complete with live guitars that meander lazily over subtle drums and a warm synth bass. Second in the queue is deep house veteran Charles Webster, who on his Charles Webster 2021 Remix takes a similar route to Guiddo in terms of the tempo and his use of the vocal and strings, but goes slightly heavier on the guitars, which pan in and out over an ever-present, siren-like synth.

Last up – and bringing a bit of main room dancefloor appeal – we have Webster’s Midnight Remix, which is deep, sparse and almost tribal in parts, and does exactly what it says on the tin. It'd be the perfect sound for around midnight, when the club is just beginning to fill up and you need a beat that’s interesting enough to start drawing the wall-huggers onto the floor.

Overall, it’s Guiddo’s subtle of use of live elements that does it for me on the production/home listening front, but if we’re talking about the club then Webster’s Midnight Mix is the one.

Words: Iain Taylor

Release date: 9 July


Review Score: 9




Tags: Ingrid Chavez, Madonna, Tomasz Guiddo, Charles Webster, Ten Windows Records, leftfield, Balearic, downtempo