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Introducing... Ruby

This new 'virtual singer' works with Yamaha Vocaloid 4

2016 Jan 04     
2 Bit Thugs

Ruby is probably most likely to find favour with producers of EDM and pop-dance styles

New from Sweden's PowerFX Systems comes Ruby, a new virtual vocalist that works with Vocaloid 4, the latest edition of Yamaha's song synthesis engine.

Since the Vocaloid engine first arrived on the scene, dozens of 'vocaloids' have been created for use with it, of which Ruby is the latest. Though most commonly heard on J-Pop and K-Pop productions, vocaloid vocals have found their way onto recordings by western artists, such as Mike Oldfield's 2005 Light & Shade album.

Ruby is described as "a youthful female vocalist with a smooth, joyful-sounding tone of voice, capable of singing in a wide range of musical styles from soft ballads to more upbeat dance/house tracks". Though you'd be unlikely to mistake Ruby for a real singer, going by the demo we've heard, in styles where heavily-effected vocals are the norm she certainly offers a welcome alternative from the same old sample pack vocals for aspiring producers without the facilities, budget or contacts to record professional singers.

Ruby is available now, priced £100 (download)/£109 (DVD). You'll also need a copy of Vocaloid 4, if you don't have one already - the normal retail price for that is £99 but PowerFX are also selling a Vocaloid 4 plus Ruby bundle for just £159.

You can find out more, and hear Ruby in action, at the PowerFX website.





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