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Introducing... Sacramental

Billy Nasty teams up with Psycatron's Dave Lievense

2016 May 11     
2 Bit Thugs

Debut Sacramental EP 'Bad Blood' will be out Tortured Records on 4 July

UK techno legend Billy Nasty has joined forces with Dave Lievense, one-half of Irish techno duo Psycatron, to form a new production team called Sacramental.

The two first met at the Brighton Music Conference, where they were introduced by Phil Kieran. "I was well aware of Mr Nasty's work through his Essential Mix, way back in 93/94," says Lievense. "I think it was one of the first shows, and I was a religious listener at that point." The pair found they got along well and, to cut a long story short, "decided to pool resources and reinvent the wheel!" laughs Lievense.

The first release from Sacramental will be the Bad Blood EP on Tortured Records, which is due to hit stores on 4 July and which Nasty describes as being "influenced by early rave, techno and hardcore classics."





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