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Is that a bass synth in your pocket?

MeeBlip announces the compact triode bass synth

2016 Dec 04     
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The pocket-sized device costs just £110 but packs an impressive array of features

MeeBlip - a joint venture between Canadian gear manufacturer Blipsonic and music tech website Create Digital Music - have announced a new compact bass synthesizer called triode.

triode is essentially an enhanced and updated version of the company's existing bass synth anode, the main difference being that it now features three oscillators instead of two - digital pulse and sawtooth oscillators, plus a digital sub-oscillator. The tiny box - it's just 100mm (four inches) square - also packs a wavetable with "24 aggressive digital textures", MIDI control, a Twin-T analogue filter, four vintage-style switches and nine custom-made knobs.

What's more, the entire product is open source, meaning that truly dedicated synth-botherers can get under the hood and tweak the code and/or circuitry to their heart's content.

This video will shed a little more light on the subject...

MeeBlip triode is available now, priced $139.95 (£110 approx). For full details, see MeeBlip's own website





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