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Izotope introduces Ozone 7

Izotope's popular mixing and mastering suite gets an upgrade

2015 Nov 22     
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Standard and advanced versions are available - with the Advanced Edition now at a much lower price

New from Izotope comes Ozone 7, an upgraded version of the company's popular mixing and mastering package. As with previous incarnations, the are standard and versions; the really good news is that Ozone 7 Advanced costs just half of what you'd have had to shell out for Ozone 6 Advanced.

Despite the drop in price, it's the Advanced version that's seeing the most improvements in version 7. New additions here include Vintage Tape, Vintage Compressor, Vintage EQ and Vintage Limiter modules, while the basic version gets only the latter. Also found on the Advanced version only is a Codec Preview function that lets you preview the sound of a compressed master, while an improved Maximizer and the ability to export MP3 and AAC files are new to both versions.

Izoptope Ozone 7 and Izotope Ozone 7 Advanced are available now, priced £169 and £339 respectively. For full details, hit up





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