2017 Oct 28     
2 Bit Thugs

Occultists boss James Demon takes you on a trip to the dark side

The Occultists label return with a brand new techno release from label founder James Demon, which features four tracks and takes you on a journey through the label’s philosophy of finding light within the darkness.

First up is Weisse Hexe. The track starts with a kick and a closed hi-hat that are soon joined by a fluid bassline and sinister pad sounds which give it an unnerving feel throughout, along with some snare hits and ambient noise, and it goes on in the same vein until a breakdown with a slowed-down, undecipherable vocal kicks in. Then off it goes with the addition of a more melodic pad, which stays until the end and takes you from dark to light.

Stay Up Late is a lighter, more minimal cut with a haunting female vocal about staying up late and never sleeping again, while Alessa itself starts with some chanting and a pounding snare and kick, then pretty much immediately turns to the dark side, with a sinister creeping feel that's helped by creepy instrumentation straight out of a late-night horror film. Finally Pentagram continues the theme, another disconcerting cut with an off-beat rhythm and a vocal sample which sounds straight from a Hammer Horror spooktacular and an odd panned, jangling sound.

The whole EP is floor-friendly but in a macabre way, as each track manages to skew normality just a little to throw you off-balance mentally. As that was the point, I would have to say that this release has achieved its goal! If you like your music ever so slightly wrong but oh so very right, then look no further. 

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 27 October



Review Score: 7




Tags: James Demon, Occultists, techno