2017 Mar 13     
2 Bit Thugs

Jaime Rodriguez Navarro returns to Nang for the second time

Spanish nu-disco producer Jaime Rodriguez Navarro, otherwise known as James Rod, is the man behind the label Golden Soul Records, which has been home to most of his previous releases. But in a production career spanning back to the turn of the decade, he's also found time to make tracks for such esteemed labels as Paper Disco, Great Stuff Recordings and now UK nu-disco bastion Nang Records.

There are just the two tracks to choose from. Steelerr itself is a pulsing, synth-y affair with a rather 80s-sounding harmonised vocal, albeit one that's quite sparingly used... for most of the track it's the throb of that defining synth-bass that takes centre stage, making Steelerr a hazy, druggy affair built for early play. Flip it over and you'll find the intriguingly titled Modular Balearic Oceans, which as the name suggests is another synth-y cut but one that's a little harder-hitting in the beats department than the A.

Two very solid tracks that'll slot nicely into those nu-disco/cosmic/Balearic sets.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 10 March




Review Score: 8




Tags: James Rod, Golden Soul Records, Nang Records, Paper Disco, Great Stuff Recordings, nu-disco, nu disco, Balearic, cosmic disco