2017 Feb 28     
2 Bit Thugs

The mysterious South African producer serves up a fine four-tracker for Spain's Deep Clicks label

In a Harley & Muscle review the other day I touched upon the difference between 'proper' and 'so-called' deep house... now along comes a record that'll really tell you what side of that divide you live on! The Loss Of Thoughts EP, you see, is highly unlikely to be appreciated by hordes of Soul Clap fans in snapbacks and wife-beaters - it's aimed strictly at those who understand house music doesn't actually have to be dancefloor music at all, and can be equally enjoyed in a horizontal, sofa-based position (herbal 'refreshment' optional).

A Repartee With A Synth opens the EP, a midtempo bordering on slo-mo affair with a nagging, three-note synth/piano riff, warm but heavy-hitting kicks and a distinct lack of urgency. Next up, Dear United Kingdom chugs along at an even mellower pace but has a slightly more deep garage kinda feel and, somewhat ironically, analogue synths that are more prominent than those on the opener. 

Then we come to Loss Of Thoughts itself, a sparse concoction of hard-slammin' but unhurried kicks, warm chords and what sound like bird/animal noises, all topped with one of those vocal samples of someone talking about house music that seem to be so enduringly popular with producers. And then finally there's Poor Label Owner, another smooth, garage-tinged cut that's arguably the most floor-friendly of the whole EP, albeit you'd still be talking warm-up/afterhours play only.

Definitely one for the proverbial 'heads' rather than the mainstream, this EP. But since when was that a bad thing?

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: Out now


Review Score: 8




Tags: Jef Black, Deep Clicks, deep house