2018 Oct 23     
2 Bit Thugs

Germany meets France on this dark, tech-fuelled two-tracker

Cologne natives Jens Lissat and Christoph Pauly collaborate with French producer Bigstate on this dark tech-house two-tracker, and the results hit a rather fine balance of danceable yet underground music, with both tracks based around a solid funky backbeat.

The first collaboration is called And This Is Ecstacy. It starts with a kick and a whipping sound, then adds hi-hats and clicks which take you to a breakdown where a male vocal is brought in, along with a lot more building sounds, and a tasty little groover is born. There's another breakdown where the music stops and the male voice says “and this is ecstasy”, and off it charges again. There are echoes of Joey Beltram’s Energy Flash in both the synth programming and the vocal sample, which gives it even more cred in my eyes as I love that track! The next track, Night Plan, kicks off with a galloping drum pattern and adds closed hi-hats, deep booms and a melodic female sample. As the track develops, more ambient sounds are added and the result is another great track that's dark and enticing.

It's hard to pick a favourite here - both are rich and sumptuous slices of shady tech business. But for the slightly more commercial sound I choose the title track, with its well thought-out Beltram leanings.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 20 October


Review Score: 8




Tags: Jens Lissat, Christoph Pauly, Bigstate, Monkey League, tech house, tech-house