2017 May 16     
2 Bit Thugs

It's only the second release from fledglng Barcelona-based label ONESELF.

Johnny Trika’s path to fame has been a little different from the norm: he found success as Dubfire’s protégé after handing him a USB stick of his productions at a gig. Dubfire liked what he heard and immediately helped him put together an EP to release on SCI+TEC. Trika's style is most readily described as progressive techno, and he's rather good at it - as you can hear on this release on Barcelona's recently launched ONESELF label.

There are three tracks. First up is the Original Mix of Fast Life itself, which starts with a warped bassline and builds through processed vocal samples and distinctive sounds to a simple but effective synth riff. The vocals are so messed up that they are unintelligible and become one of the main hooks of the track. Next up is a remix from Russian producer Maksim Dark, which is an altogether deeper cut with trippy sounds, the same processed vocals and lots of stereo panning to keep it sounding flowing and ever-so-slightly unnerving. Finally you have Dreamless King, a lighter track with clacking sounds, bleeps and a pronounced snare to keep the rhythm tight. It's the most minimal of the three, and it's also my favourite.

This music is not like any techno that I have heard before, which is very refreshing. With his obvious talents as a producer, plus support from the likes of Richie Hawtin and of course Dubfire, it's fair to say this young Canadian producer has a bright future ahead of him.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 26 May



Review Score: 7




Tags: Johnny Trika, ONESELF., Maksim Dark, Dubfire, SCI+TEC