2021 Oct 02     
2 Bit Thugs

Two brand new rubs of this vintage gem come from Phuture Assassins and Ed Solo & Dope Ammo

Sorta kinda cheating a bit here, because this is really two releases that we're covering in one review. Release A being Hurt You So, a straight reissue of the four mixes that were originally released back in '92 – the Original, L, S&M and Deep Pain Mixes, plus a little extra treat, about which more in a sec – and then Release B being Hurt You So (Remixes), which packs fresh-for-21 rubs courtesy of Phuture Assassins and Ed Solo & Dope Ammo.

Most iDJ readers will be familar with the Original, so we needn't spend too long discussing that, except to say that it's unarguably one of THE greatest tunes of the rave era and I actually had it as my ringtone for several years, so nyer! It comes accompanied, as ever, by the full-on rave onslaught of the L Mix, the throbbing Deep Pain Mix (which is vaguely reminiscent of another Jonny L classic, The Ansaphone) and the dubbier S&M Mix, while you also get the Black Label Bootleg Mix, a piano-augmented pass which was made back in the day but never officially released. As for the new rubs, Ed Solo & Dope Ammo spend precisely zero seconds mucking about and instead go straight in with a 100mph. breakbeat – this is rave retooled for energetic young D&B floors – while Phuture Assassins stick with the old skool rave vibes.

Whether this is your first encounter with a classic tune or just a chance to pick up a pristine new vinyl/digital copy of a played-to-death favourite, you can't really go wrong here.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 1 October



Review Score: 8




Tags: Jonny L, Phuture Assassins, Ed Solo, Dope Ammo, rave, breakbeat, hardcore, jungle, Kniteforce Records