2018 Feb 19     
2 Bit Thugs

The label's first release is this tech-house two-tracker from Stoke duo Jordan2

This two-track EP is the first ever release on brand new label Japä, and features two prime cuts of tech-house goodness for you to sink your teeth into.

First up is the title track, Disposition, which starts with a kick and a hi-hat, accompanied by the word "disposition" repeated over and over by a male voice. As the track develops, a stabbed synth riff joins the party with some odd percussive hits and a female voice saying "we are really talking about humanism" comes into play, though it's not used as often as the male sample. There are snare rolls and other fast ethnic drums, and the whole track is driven along by a funky bassline with a natural warm tone.

The second track is called Control and begins with a hi-hat, claps and a male vocalist grunting "ahh", as well as some other percussive elements that are swiftly joined by a solid kick and a subtle acid stab. There's another male vocal asking "do you know why you are here?" and a female voice answering with the word "control", and a load of sci-fi sounds come into play as well as another groovy bassline that drives the track along nicely.

Both mixes are deftly produced and well worth a play: they're both interesting, quirky and should work well on a dancefloor, though if pushed my favourite is Control.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 23 February



Review Score: 8




Tags: Jordan2, Japa, Japä, tech-house, tech house