2017 May 10     
2 Bit Thugs

Thailand-based producer Juany Bravo serves up three energetic, tribal-tinged cuts

Well known for releasing innovative techno and house sounds, US label In The Loop return with a groovy three-track EP produced by Juany Bravo, who has previously released tracks on the likes of Dugout and Homerun House, to name but a few.

First up is the EP's title track Don’t Fuel The Machine, a pumping tech-houser with a distorted funky bassline, cut-up vocal samples about politics and a cacophony of sounds all going off like aural fireworks in the mix, which give it a really driving and intensely good feel. Then we have Metele, which starts with a pronounced conga loop and distorted kickdrum and powers on with more percussive elements being added until the funky bassline and vocal sample kick in. It's infused with plenty of energy and sets you up nicely for the last track, Rhumba Pa, which has a clap track intro then builds through Latin percussion and foreign language vocal samples to another funky bassline and more aural insanity, which fits in nicely with the theme of the whole EP.

All three tracks are guaranteed party-starters, with bags of energy and tribal leanings, and all three are well produced and ready to explode on a dancefloor whenever they are played out. Trying to pick a favourite is sheer folly, as the more you listen to each track, the more it drags you into its hypnotic grooves and makes you want to dance.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 12 May



Review Score: 9




Tags: Juany Bravo, In The Loop Recordings, tech house, tech-house