2018 Oct 17     
2 Bit Thugs

Mak & Pasteman take care of remix duties for this one

Junior Sanchez has been involved in the New York club scene since the age of 15, when he started honing his skills as a DJ and producer, and over the years has built himself a solid reputation as a tastemaker and grooveshaker with releases on the likes of Nervous, Robsoul and of course his own Brobot Recordings. For his latest release he's teamed up with Shadow Child and Kry Wolf’s Food Music to deliver the Brain EP, featuring a remix from Lobster Boy duo Mak & Pasteman. 

It's a four-track EP. Opener Brain Game starts with a rhythmic beat, then brings in off-kilter synths that give it an odd but interesting sound, along with spoken vocals that say "Now about your body, now about your brain." It's trippy to say the least, and sets the pace for the whole EP. Next up is Nasty Gruve, which starts with a funky bassline and crisp percussion, then introduces an unconventional male vocal and odd little sounds that take you to a breakdown with swirling sounds in the background. Next comes Shine Through The Dark, with brass instruments and a relentless drum pattern driving the track forward, and finally you have the Mak & Pasteman remix of Nasty Gruve, which dials down the funk a little and ups the tech a notch or two as it grooves its way through seven minutes of dancefloor devastation.

This EP is definitely a break from the norm, and one to seek out if you're a fan of the more warped sides of dance music. My favourite track is the Mak & Pasteman remix of Nasty Gruve but they all deserve a listen.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 19 October


Review Score: 8




Tags: Junior Sanchez, Food Music, Mak & Pasteman, house