2017 Oct 07     
2 Bit Thugs

Remixes come from Tommy Vercetti, Kincaid & Senal and David Jackson

Kalyde returns to Sense Traxx with a new EP featuring two tracks and three remixes - one of the title track, and two of Eighty Nine. All are of the utmost quality.

First up is the Original Mix of No Sleep itself, a chunky tech-houser which starts with a crazy rhythm and adds warped vocals, pad sounds and acid lines to create a killer track with a funky bassline and a take-no-prisoners attitude. Next up is the David Jackson Remix, which starts with swung percussion and crazy vocal samples and is a techy roller with bass synths, breakdowns, snare rolls, and the mad vocal sample running throughout (apart from in the breakdowns).

The Original Mix of Eighty Nine comes next, starting with a kickdrum intro that builds with Linn drums and other percussive elements, then once more adding an unhinged vocal sample and an acid line as the lead elements. It's quite sparse but nice and chunky, with more deranged sounds coming in and out of play throughout. Then we get the Tommy Vercetti Remix, which starts with quirky sounds and a shuffling drum pattern and is quite subdued compared to the original, concentrating on complex, percussive rhythm patterns. Finally you have the Kincaid & Sinal Remix, which is almost an ambient track with minimal snares and great atmospherics throughout, and severely warped vocals.

This release offers great choice and has something for tech-house fans of all persuasions, while the last track is a real wild card. I don't have any favourites - they're all worth checking and you have to applaud the diversity that's on offer here.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: Out now



Review Score: 7




Tags: Kalyde, Sense Traxx, Tommy Vercetti, Kincaid & Senal, David Jackson, tech house, tech-house