2016 Jan 25     
2 Bit Thugs

Album number five from the St Petersburg outfit is a cosmic voyage on a mirrorball-shaped spaceship

After a flurry of activity in the mid-00s that saw them release four albums in five years, Russian purveyors of spangly nu-disco Kim & Buran have been a tad less prolific in recent years. But now, after a couple of well received singles on Nang, here comes album number five.

If you've heard much Kim & Buran before - or indeed if you're familiar with Nang's output generally - there aren't really any huge surprises here. Space disco nouveau is pretty much the order of the day throughout, a fact that's reflected in track titles like Jet Disco, Voyager, Trip To Airport, Delayed Voyage and Fall In Space. If you want specific terms of reference then Space, The Rah Band and Atmosfear would all be good starting points, as would Faze Action. So no prizes for groundbreaking innovation, the sheer quality of the music more than makes up for it.

They do give the shimmering, soaring arps a rest in favour of a slightly more chilled, Balearic vibe once or twice, admittedly - see Running On The Waves and, particularly, closer Teleskope. But overall, if the likes of Todd Terje, Prins Thomas et al deliver the sound of sunset at a secluded Ibizan beach, Orbita is the sound of a party in the first-class lounge of a 25th Century spaceport.

And best of all, we're all invited! Marvellous.

Release date: 6 February


Review Score: 8




Tags: disco, nu disco, nu-disco, Balearic, space disco, Faze Action, The Rah Band, Space, Atmosfear, Nang Records