2021 Feb 27     
2 Bit Thugs

Label regulars Kim & Buran return with an EP that'll suit the more adventurous DJs out thereā€¦

This release is, it has to be said, a little bit “out there” in places”. But for me, the second track is enough to justify the purchase price on its own – and besides, who doesn’t like to get a little weird from time to time? 

The EP opens with French Train itself, which you could easily imagine being the theme to a European game show, or even turning up in a slice of film noir. If you can stop your brain from judging it as just a dancefloor track, you may appreciate it as a fantastically crafted celebration of a bygone era. And to be honest, I think I could probabl get away with dropping it at a certain time and space, maybe as the Sun begins to rise over a forest rave somewhere. When we can actually do that kind of thing again, of course! 

But it's Bird Over The City that's the real gem for me: a funky-as-hell cosmic disco cut that once again is pretty much flawless in its production. At a fairly sedate 115BPM it’s no dancefloor destroyer, but play this at the right time and I guarantee you’ll have everyone in high heels and make-up heading for the dancefloor – and as we all know, where the ladies go, the men are sure to follow! 

The final track, Mirror Fields harks back to the opener, with Euro film theme music written all over it. There’s a more jovial vibe to this one though and again, while it’d take a brave DJ to drop this mid-set, I reckon a few of us could pull it off – and as you’d expect by now, the production is top class. So even if everyone is looking around in bewilderment, you can at least stick your headphones on and have a party for one in the DJ booth!

Words: Iain Taylor

Release date: Out now



Review Score: 7




Tags: Kim & Buran, Nang, cosmic disco, nu-disco