2019 Feb 14     
2 Bit Thugs

London producer Kincaid comes to Alex Niggemann's label with some twisted, psychedelic techno... kinda

Alex Niggemann’s forward-thinking Aeon label recently celebrated five years at the forefront of cutting edge music, and to kick off 2019, Kincaid makes his debut on the label with an EP packed with some very trippy electronica.

The opener is called On The Back Of A Serpent and is one seriously twisted tune, with a pulsating bass, acidic lead sounds, vocodered vocal snippets and a female vocal sample in no language that I’ve ever heard before. Add to that some hefty sci-fi synths and what sounds like a Theremin squealing out its wild sound, and you have a great piece of music. Next comes Stare Into My Monstera, which begins with an echoed drum beat and builds via more twisted noises into a tight groove with a great futuristic synth lick that's almost cinematic, albeit from some cult space odyssey. There are some great bleeps and other weird sounds in play, too, and conga hits to ground it a little. 

Then we have Papoose, which sticks with the futuristic theme but takes it in an almost tribal direction, with kettle drum hits and a seriously freaked-out lead line played on an old school-sounding analogue synth. It's another epic track that begs to be heard, as is the final offering It Said feat Sinàl, which starts with a normal drum intro and then what sounds like amplified white noise, with a spoken vocal and mad sounds a-plenty. It's another whackjob of a tune, but a good one that sits well with the other three.

This release is all about opening your mind to new aural experiences, and defies any categorisation that I can think of – it sounds like we've travelled into the future of electronica by a few hundred years! My favourites are the first two tracks, but they all deserve a listen.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 15 Febuary



Review Score: 8




Tags: Kincaid, AEON, techno, psychedelia, electronica, leftfield