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KiNK to make his D&B debut

A change of pace at London's E1 on 9 May

2020 Mar 07     
2 Bit Thugs

Guests for 'KiNK presents Soundcheck' include Goldie, MC GQ and Om Unit

KiNK will play his first-ever public drum & bass set at London's E1 on 9 May, as part of a night called KiNK presents Soundcheck.

While the Bulgarian producer has become well-known for his blistering live house and techno sets, his longstanding love of D&B – it was the first form of dance music he discovered as a teenager buying mixtapes on the streets of Sofia – has been somewhat less widely publicised. But now he's coming out of the 170bpm closet, playing both his normal live set AND a drum & bass DJ set.

He'll be joined by D&B legend Goldie, who's performing a similar trick: he's playing a DJ set alongside MC GQ, but also appearing as Subjective, the new non-D&B electronica duo he recently formed with James Davidson, from Metalheadz-signed Ulterior Motive. Also on the bill are Detroit techno legend DJ Bone, D&B eclecticist Om Unit and rising star Nick Castle.

The event runs across two rooms (D&B/non-D&B) from 11pm-7am, and tickets are available now, currently starting at £15+BF – click here to get yours.





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