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"Manifestation Blueprint 5"

Label: Lucidflow

2021 Aug 21     
2 Bit Thugs

Three tracks from the German duo's recent 'Manifestation' album get the remix treatment

Earlier this year, German deep house and dub techno specialists Klartraum released their fifth studio album Manifestation – and now here comes the fifth in a series of remix EPs featuring tracks culled from it. Regular readers will know that Nadja Lind and Helmut Erbritsch have long been among our favourite providers of ultra-deep, late-night goodness, and this latest missive does nothing whatsoever to change that.

First up is Giuliano Rodrigues's take on Manifestation itself, a seriously deep and echoing head-nodder that gets in a groove and stays there for nearly nine glorious minutes, just the tiniest hint of prog creeping into the synths towards the end. Next comes Rim Satar, which has definite hints of prog and which, slightly oddly, isn't a remix at all, just the Original Mix as featured on the album. And then we get three rubs of What I Am: error.func_'s remix has an epic, drifting feel to start out but never stops building – one for the Burning Man/playa house crowd – while Mielafon takes us down the corridor marked 'dark, broody & shuffling' and finally Riccicomoto's Acid Dub trips things out for post-club play.

It's the Giuliano Rodriques rub of Manifestation that's the must-have for yours truly here, but this is quality stuff all round. As always!

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 20 August (Beatport) / 3 September (general release)




Review Score: 8




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