2018 Mar 11     
2 Bit Thugs

Label bosses Nadja and Helmut deliver a very classy four-track EP

This reviewer has been a fan of Lucidflow's particular brand of deep/dub/minimal techno for quite a few years now. If you agree, then suffice to say this latest EP isn't likely to diminish your ardour in any way.

Label bosses Nadja Lind and Helmut Erbritsch are at the controls for the landmark LF150, which opens in positivey amniotic territory with Atlantis, a sonorous, mid-paced affair centred around what appears to be a muted/filtered bell sound, which chimes throughout atop sparse, crisp beats while an understated bassline throbs away beneath. One for the flotation tank massive for sure! Next you get two mixes of Grinsekatze. Klartaum's original finds the duo in twitchy, minimal territory: it's a bit pacier than you'd normally associate with "minimal", perhaps, but every bit as sparse and uncompromising, though it does get busier towards the end as more and more layers of synths and FX are added. Patrick Chardronnet's remix then resculpts it for the dancefloor, veering almost towards tech-house pastures, while finally Mass Effect is almost like an amalgam of what's gone before, fusing the deep, dubwise sensibility of Atlantis with the dancefloor energy of Grinsekatze. That said, though, it's still definitely one for late/early play in specialist clubs rather than your local Thursday student night...

Another excellent EP from Klartraum, then, and the perfect way to mark the label reaching the 150 release milestone.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 5 March




Review Score: 9




Tags: Klartraum, Helmust Erbritsch, Nadja Lind, Lucidflow, Patrick Chardronnet