2016 Sep 22     
2 Bit Thugs

Mixes to suit a range of moods courtesy of Phasen and label boss Vincenzo De Robertis

Vincenzo De Robertis's boutique Italian label La Pitti Records task Brazil's Koala, AKA Felippe Camargo, with providing some seriously deep house grooves... and he delivers in style, with three mixes of Suburban Tales to choose from, plus bonus cut Restless Passenger.

In its Original form, the title cut is a lazy, late-night affair with long, lingering pads, haunting vocal fragments (male and female) and, if you listen carefully, some gently tinkling ivories. Remixes come from Phasen and the label boss, the former heading even deeper as he takes us on a dubbed-out ride into inner space while De Robertis goes in the opposite direction, transforming Suburban Tales into a throbbing, bubbling 4am dancefloor affair with just the merest suspicion of acid. Completing the EP, Restless Passenger is another uber-deep jam to lose yourself in as you slowly melt into the sofa.

A superb package from La Pitti that the proverbial "proper 'eads" need to check immediately!

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 19 September



Review Score: 9




Tags: Koala, La Pitti, Vincenzo De Robertis, Phasen, deep house