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Korg announces Prologue synthesizer

Two models of the polyphonic analogue synth will be available

2018 Jan 20     
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Prologue completes the line-up that began with the Minilogue and Monologue

Korg this week announced the addition of a new polyphonic analogue synthesizer, Prologue, to its range. Prologue is essentially big sister to the existing monophonic Monologue and four-voice polyphonic Minilogue.

Prologue is available in two versions: the 16-voice, 61-key Prologue-16 and the eight-voice, 49-key Prologue-8. Both feature the same digital multi-engine with three modes (noise, VPM and user), a wave-shaping function, a two-pole low-pass filter, the same (size notwithstanding) natural-touch keyboard and an oscilloscope, while Prologue-16 adds the newly developed LF COMP effect with its own VU meter. Both also feature five voice modes - Poly, Duo, Mono, Unison and Chord - and both come wrapped in the same black aluminium front panel and oak side panels.

As for price, Prologue-16 will set you back £1,739 while the Prologue-8 is more affordable at £1,299, and both will be available from March or April, Korg says.

The video below will give you more idea of the Prologue's capabilities. For full details, see Korg's own website.







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