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Korg revives the ARP Odyssey

Three new models of classic synth announced

2017 Jan 14     
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Also new from Korg are a white MS-20 Mini and a clutch of new workstations

With the winter NAMM show about to get underway in Anaheim, California, Korg has taken the opportunity to launch a raft of new keyboard products, including three new versions of the classic ARP Odyssey synthesizer.

The original ARP Odyssey was produced (in Mk I, Mk II and Mk III versions) by ARP Instruments Inc between 1972 and 1981. Based on the ARP 2600, it was effectively the company's answer to the popular MiniMOOG, and went on to feature on countless recordings by everyone from Gary Numan and Ultravox to 808 State and LTJ Bukem.

The Odyssey was reborn in 2015 when Korg launched a modernised version complete with MIDI and USB, simply named the Korg ARP Odyssey. But that synth was smaller than the original machines; now, Korg is bringing out the limited-edition Korg ARP Odyssey FS, which is essentially the same but full-sized.

The Korg ARP Odyssey FS will also be available in Rev1, Rev2 and Rev3 versions, which pay homage to the colourways and stylings of the original Mk I, Mk II and Mk III synths, respectively. All three are expected to be available from February, with an asking price of around £1,299. Korg is stressing the limited-edition nature of these synths, though, so if you want to get your hands on one, don't snooze!

Also new from Korg, meanwhile, are a limited-edition white version of the MS-20 Mini, the recreated MS-20 analogue synthesizer which Korg brought out in 2013, and four new additions to the company's workstation range, with the 88-key Kronos now available in a limited-edition gold model, and the Krome in new limited-edition platinum 61-, 73- and 88-key versions. All of the above should again be available from February: the MS-20 Mini will retail at around £549 and the Kronos 88 Gold at £3,499, while the three Krome models will set you back £915, £1,099 and £1,469 respectively.

For more on all eight products, see Korg's own website.





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