2019 Aug 03     
2 Bit Thugs

Hamburg duo Kuestenklatsch make their My Favourite Freaks debut

Hailing from Hamburg, Kuestenklatsch consist of long-time friends Roman and Joerg. Active since 2013, they've had releases on labels such as 303 Lovers and Love Harder, but this is their first on My Favourite Freaks, and it features two tracks of tech-house goodness.

Set Me Free itself is up first and starts with a kick and hi-hat which are quickly swapped out for a bigger kick and a funky bassline. It sounds good and chunky but is quite minimal at the same time. After a while the female “so you think you can set my body free" vocal comes in, and after that there are a load of snare fills and distorted whooshes, and the track really comes to life with a staccato synth line. The vocal is repeated and there it is, a solid track that should sate the desires of DJs and dancers alike. 

The second track, For Those, again gets a percussive groove going with added cowbells and rim shots, then breaks down with an eerie sound effect added, along with another funky bassline which drives the tune nicely. There's a sampled female vocal and a wobbly synth, plus distorted male vocal samples. Addditional swirling sounds lend the track an air of mystery that works well, and it'll sound great through a big rig.

This is a very solid debut that should find favour with DJs and clubbers alike as it all sounds very "now". For me the second track works the best as it simply has more going on.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 2 August



Review Score: 7




Tags: Kuestenklatsch, My Favourite Freaks, tech house, tech-house