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Kurtis Mantronix launches new label

First single on King Of The Beats drops today

2020 Aug 07     
2 Bit Thugs

'How Did You Know 2020' is a reworking of a 2004 single, and trails a new best-of

Legendary hip-hop, electro, hip-house and big beat producer Kurtis Mantronix debuts his new record label King Of The Beats today with the release of How Did You Know 2020, a new recording of his 2004 single How Did You Know.

The single trails a new best-of compilation from the NYC legend, details of which will be announced soon. But King Of The Beats won't just be a vehicle for Mantronix's own productions: we're told he is also "poised to sing and release fellow artists' material".

"This is something I've wanted to do since my Sleeping Bag days," he says. "To have control of the A&R and creative direction of my own career. This dream has not come to fruition because I could never find the right team. Signing a label deal with Last Man Music put all the planets into the right alignment, so to speak."





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