2020 Nov 01     
2 Bit Thugs

Parisian DJ/producer KX9000 comes to Kisk's label

Based in Milan, Kisk's Apparel Music specialise in deep electronic grooves with a jazzy twist, and they've surpassed themselves here, as they serve up a three-track/five-mix EP from Paris's Kerim Ben Mustapha, AKA KX9000, that sits somewhere between deep, jazzy house and contemporary jazz-funk, with just the tinies hint of Detroit thrown in for good measure. 

Millennium Civic gets the ball rolling, a languid, laidback groover that could easily pass for a late 70s, west coast jazz-funk excursion were it not for the solid 4/4 kick underneath… it's undoubtedly more of a warm-up/post-club thing than a peaktime club cut, but served on the right sofa at the right time it may well sound like the greatest record ever made! The accompanying remix from Ground Plane Aerial ups the tempo and as such is probably the better pick for dancefloor play, though if the floor in question is packed with jazzbos rather than tech-house bros that's definitely gonna help…

Moving on, Unusual Lines in its Original form marries dubby house beats, warping otherwordly chords and a sweary, spoken male vocal, and ends up with something of a Madhouse-y feel, before Paul Cut turns in a more overtly "deep house" remix that'd work well on specialist floors, or serve as post-club tackle more generally. And then finally there's Ace Of Sweets, another one that leans towards jazz-funk with nods, too, to that hazy, sunshine-y Eastern European nu-disco sound (think Ilija Rudman or Sare Havlicek).

All told, what you get here are five classy, jazzy cuts that aren't afraid to go their own way, but are never pointlessly noodly or self-indulgent. Nice!

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 26 October



Review Score: 8




Tags: Apparel Music, KX9000, Ground Plane Arial, Paul Cut, deep house, jazz house, jazz-funk