Warp Records

2 Bit Thugs

Warp (originally to be named Warped, but shortened for communication ease, and later expanded by the backronym We Are Reasonable People), owned and operated by Steve Beckett and Rob Mitchell (7) (who sadly passed away in 2001), is one of the world's most respected and loved electronic and experimental dance labels. After many years in Sheffield, they are now based in London. Joining the slew of attempts at selling music online, Warp was a first with providing high-quality variable bitrate MP3s for sale, via, including exclusive tracks, samplings of forthcoming albums, and rarities. In winter 2005 the book 'Warp' by Rob Young was released as the first volume in the Labels Unlimited series. It gives a fully illustrated overview of the label's history and also confirms the following gaps in the catalogue numbering, though with some mistakes: [i[uAlbums[/u WARP 13 - no release WARP 93 - Priest "Untitled" (unreleased) WARP 99 - no release WARP 109 - Squarepusher "Budakhan Maximized" (unreleased) WARP 113 - no release WARP 118 - Chris Morris "Blue Jam II" (unreleased) [uSingles[/u WAP 13 - supposedly unreleased, but some copies of WARP LP 1 were pressed with this catalogue number. WAP 30 - flyer for WARP Party at the Leadmill, Sheffield, Fri 8 Jan 1993 WAP 85 - is given to Jimi Tenor "Take Me Baby" but was never used as it was actually released by Rough Trade Germany with no Warp catalogue number on the release. WAP 99 - unique set of artwork by the Designers Republic (tDR) WAP 113 - no release WAP 131 - no release WAP 143 - no release WAP 148 - no release[/i NOTE: Many Warp releases were licensed to record labels outside the UK. Some of these releases include a Warp catalogue number as well as their own. These labels include -Indisc - usually uses the Warp catalogue with an [bextra 107[/b before the number in addition to the Indisc cat number. Sometimes it uses just a Warp catalogue number. -Rough Trade Records GmbH which later became Zomba Records - uses the Warp catalogue number on releases that use the Warp label code in addition to the RTD 126.XXXX.X catalogue number. Prior to this when the releases featured the RTD/Zomba labelcode (LC 5661) the Warp catalogue number did not appear. NOTE: See also former Warp sub-label, Lex Records. See also Warp Records Limited, a Warp company incorporated in 25 Feb 1993 and used for some copyright credits. See also Warp Music and Warp Music Publishing, publishing companies associated with Warp. Label Code: LC 2070 or LC02070