2018 Mar 24     
2 Bit Thugs

Remixes come from Amine Edge & DANCE, Jansons and Andre Salmon

Next up on VIVa Music comes a release that sees label head honcho Steve Lawler teaming up with legendary producer Arthur Baker to bring you the excellent Into The Groove.

First up is the Original Mix, which starts off with a tribal-sounding kick, closed hi-hat and clap, then adds vocal stabs and, eventually, the main vocal, which together with snare rolls and cool effects make for compelling listening. Next is the Amine Edge & DANCE Remix, which takes into tech-house territory. There's a long intro with tizzy swung percussion and a dominating bassline, and then the main vocal hook repeated over and over. There are lots of claps and the sounds are really defined, with an acidic breakdown roughly in the middle.

That's followed by Amine Edge & DANCE's Remix Version 2, which kicks off with a breakbeat and snare rolls, then slowly brings in first the vocals and a synth riff, then sci-fi stabs and fast claps which add a completely different dimension to the track. Next comes Jansons Remix, which is more laidback in its intro, but really comes alive with The Funk once the track properly kicks in with another breakbeat drum pattern and vocal chops. Finally you have the Andre Salmon Remix which has swung percussion, a punchy bassline and some awesome bleeps in the middle.

All the mixes work for me. and I think this release is really going to do some dancefloor damage over the coming months. Highly recommended.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 23 March



Review Score: 9




Tags: Steve Lawler, Arthur Baker, VIVa Music, Amine Edge & DANCE, Jansons, Andre Salmon