2018 Jan 24     
2 Bit Thugs

It's their first release on the label since the 'Gully' EP last year

After the success of their Gully EP last summer, Leftwing & Kody return to Moon Harbour with another four-track EP of club bangers.

Detuned itself is up first, starting with a percussive intro which builds via the addition of the kick and the funky bassline into a funky, floor-friendly groover that just keeps expanding with female vocals, a stabbed synth riff and fast claps. There are two builds and drops, and both add great tension to the track. Next comes Rock That, which has another percussive intro with tom-toms playing a major role. A male vocal sample saying "rock that shit" is put through multiple effects with good results, there are crescendos of bleeps, and the whole track is a call to the dancefloor with its diverse rhythms.

Then you have Marvellous (feat Room 303), which is more stripped back and minimalist, with a mechanical hi-hat leading the rhythm section, and the bassline and vocal coming in at the same time. The vocal is a full one about how marvellous and sexy "she" is, and works very well indeed. And finally there's Ruff, which comes virtually straight in with a big kick and features ragga-style vocals that never impose as some can and work great with the techy backbeat.

I have no favourite here, but only because all four tracks are so accomplished. I suspect this EP will be very well received by both DJs and fans alike.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 26 January


Review Score: 9




Tags: Leftwing & Kody, Moon Harbour, Room 303, tech house, tech-house