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Lens, Kraviz confirmed for Galactica NYE

12 hours of techno in Ferrara, Italy

2021 Dec 08     
2 Bit Thugs

They share top billing with Dutch legend Reinier Zonneveld and Goa Ultrabeat's ADIEL

Should you happen to be a) of the techno-loving persuasion and b) in Italy, then the place you’ll want to be heading for this NYE is the Ferrara Fiere convention centre in Ferrara.

Why? Because that’s where you’ll find Nina Kraviz, Amelie Lens [pictured], Reinier Zonneveld and ADIEL co-headlining the Galactica NYE Festival, which starts at 8pm and runs through till 8am. It’s a two-stage affair and the main stage is techno techno techno all the way, with the big-hitters mentioned above joined by Anfisa Letyago, Mattia Trani and more.

Meanwhile on the second Andromeda stage you’ll find a wider variety of music on offer, with headline duties taken care of by Italian hip-hop superstar Salmo, who blends rap with metal and rock to create what they're calling “a hardcore fusion of the genres that is not for the faint-hearted”. Also on the bill are Il Pagante, Mambolosco, Rudeejay and Sergio Mauri.

Tickets cost €70+BF (or €100+BF for the VIP deal) and are available now.

For more information, find Galactica Festival on Facebook.

Pic: Fernando Sigma





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