2016 Oct 27     
2 Bit Thugs

Texan producer Leroy Moreno shows what he can do, and Danny Slade's impressed

Leroy Moreno is a Texan on a mission to create some proper storming trance music. This hasn't gone unnoticed by Vandit label boss Paul Van Dyk, who called him "one of the breakthrough DJ/ producers of 2016". That means Moreno has some pretty big (cowboy) boots to fill, but this - his third release in six months, following the well received Lux and Celestia - shows he's more than up to the job.

The track itself has a banging kickdrum-led intro and throws you straight in at the deep end with an expansive, electro-infused trance sound. An acid-etched beat and enticing topline build very quickly to a breakdown that's likely to get the most jaded of wall-hugging would-be dancers straight onto the dancefloor, arms lifted aloft as the lush chord sequence of the breakdown plays out. Then after a short but slamming snare roll it's back into the main body of the track, which is sheer bliss on the ears but without a whiff of cheese in the air.

Like a lot of great dance tunes, Eternal Now's strength is its simplicity and subtlety. There are no aggressive risers or other musical trickery in play, just a majestic beauty, melodious warmth and energy to spare. I tend be a bit cynical when label bosses say they've have found the best this or the greatest that, but in Moreno's case, I'd say Paul Van Dyk is bang on the money!

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: Out now



Review Score: 9




Tags: Leroy Moreno, Paul Van Dyk, Vandit, trance